Inventories Help Us Improve

Thought for today:

Performing an occasional inventory is important for any business.  Businesses take stock of items on hand.  Owners decide what is salable, what to mark down, and what to give away or discard.

Inventories are systematic.  They are not haphazard.  They are thorough and fearless. A good inventory is more intellect than emotion.

Business of all sizes perform inventories.   Doing so frees up space for new items, and gives valuable information about how the business operates.

The same principle applies to people, as well as groups of people.  We can all improve if we take stock of ourselves.

A member shares:

“I used to think my group’s business meetings were boring, until out of a desperate cry for help I went through the Twelve Steps, which included a fearless and moral inventory.

“I first looked at my money.  It was always sloppy.  I would forget cash expenses and be shocked when there was no money left in my wallet.  I bounced checks. I incurred late fees.

“By taking an inventory of the emotions around debt, I was able to see that my pride kept me vague and forgetful about my money and my time.  I was too proud to admit I needed help, and that led to passive-agressive laziness.

“I had hurt my family who depended on me for support, while I was actively debting.  I started making amends to them and tried to put my finances back on track in small ways, becoming a little clearer with each inventory, developing repayment plans and repairing broken relationships.

“Then my group had a group inventory meeting.  That was a real eye opener! Someone from our Intergroup association led us in a series of questions about the good qualities of the group, and  areas for improvement.  In the ned it was very refreshing to clear the air about things I never knew we could disagree on, and yo come to a consensus.

“My personal inventory made my solvency possible.  Motivated by loving care for the DA fellowship, group members came together to practice the art of compromise and financial responsibility in our DA group’s inventory.  After it was over, we learned to respect our differences of opinion while abiding by the Twelve Traditions.  Our group became stronger and more compassionate as a result.”

DA Step Ten:

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”


Do I see the purpose of taking an inventory?

Meditation for today:

Be aware of the instinct your Higher Power is developing inside of you.  As you contemplate HP’s will and grow in the awareness of its presence, your life’s purpose becomes clearer.

Affirmation for today:

“I rely on my intuition to help guide me in important decisions.”

Topics for discussion:

What did I learn from the last inventory I took?  What did I learn from the last business meeting I attended?  How am I applying the lessons today?

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