Overcoming Underearning

Thought for today:

Underearning is a frustrating situation.  Unemployment is a dramatic form, and it is   exasperating.  Underemployment is ego-deflating.   Not earning enough to make ends meet feels demoralizing.  Some underearners even self-sabotage without realizing it.

Underearners have two main fronts before them in their campaign to improve income.  First, their perspective usually needs to expand.  For example, they need to accept their intrinsic value as human beings.  They are not destined to stay poor.  Good income is within everyone’s reach.  This is a challenge to believe sometimes.

Second, they need to study market forces, to learn what’s happening in their area of ability.  What projects are starting in government or the private sector?  What problems are businesses having lately?  What does the market seem to need, both now and in the future?  What should we steer away from if we are not qualified, or if the market trend indicates a downturn in that sector.

A member shares:

“My job is always challenging, and sometimes the answers are not easy to uncover.   I used to feel overwhelmed all the time, and my health suffered.  Today I try to go beyond what they tell me to do, to get into what they really need in my job.

“Service jobs are always about managing expectations, so I first try to ‘under promise and over deliver’.  I cultivate relationships beyond my department so I have a network to draw on when needed.

“I look for synergies and process improvements.  I try to envision the long-term growth potential of the business.  I don’t look for credit, I look for results, and I believe the credit will follow.  Even if it doesn’t, I’m still better off.

“I pay attention to marginal costs. There are many opportunities to cut costs through outsourcing, automating, in a global economy.

“They call these ‘T’ skills, because they’re about looking around at what’s going on, like a periscope on a submarine.”

Tenacity is key:

With new perspective and understanding, it still takes a lot of perseverance to improve our work.  Make it a daily habit to list five things you can do to share your talents on the job, improve your awareness of opportunities, and to keep a positive outlook.  Be tenacious, and the doors will open.


“Am I hopeful?”

Meditation for today:

There may come a day when work  is no longer necessary.  What would you do then?

What is your life’s purpose?  What makes life worthwhile, if all your needs are already taken care of?

Affirmation for today:

“I have a strong earning potential.”

“Every day, I uncover talents I never knew I had.”

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