The Spiritual Angle Is the Surest Way To Solvency

Thought for today:

When you work the Twelve Steps to a spiritual awakening, you will find a way out of debt.  It’s usually not a quick fix, put it can last a lifetime, as long as you are willing to change your attitudes about money and people.  The spiritual approach works on both of these levels.

If you truly take the First Step, and admit you are powerless over debt and your life has become unmanageable, you are on your way to life-long solvency.

It just takes a few simple disciplines, such as writing down every penny you save or earn and sharing about how you feel.  But mostly, it takes surrendering the idea that you can debt like normal people.  If you are a compulsive debtor who has tried everything else to no avail, this spiritual approach is meant for you.

A member shares:

“I tried every financial guru’s suggestion to handle my debt.  They all emphasized self-control, but I had none.  It was like taking a diuretic and then trying not to go.  Eventually, you go.

“I tried every religion.  They didn’t understand my compulsion to debt, but they did make me feel better, and they helped me with my heating bill for a while.

“I tried psychology, but I incurred so much debt with my therapist that I was asked  to stop.  They helped me get medicine I needed, and I learned a lot about myself, but I never found out what to do with that knowledge.

“Then I went to Debtors Anonymous.  The people there had all been through the same things as me, and had found a way out.  They taught me how to deal with my money and my feelings.  One day at a time, they taught me how to love myself again.  I am very grateful for the spiritual approach to healing my compulsion to debt.”

It works:

When you work the spiritual program of DA, it shows you how to live without debt.  It guides you through the emotional turmoil.  And it costs nothing!

Shame and embarrassment about money dissipates.  You start to feel good about yourself again because you are doing something concrete about money, using the Twelve Tools and Twelve Steps.

Eventually you pay off some debts and that feels great.  You spend cash on a vacation, and it feels like life is “beyond your wildest dreams”.

Over time your quality of life improves.  You may not even realize this until one day you realize you feel like a new person.  Transformed.  Free.

Our “whole attitudes and outlook on life” improves when we work the spiritual angle.  Isn’t that what we all hope for?


Do I notice a change in my attitude and outlook on life?

Meditation for today:

We gain real peace when we learn to put people ahead of material possessions.  It is a spiritual law that “acquiring things” starts to mean less the more you have, but helping others always exponentially helps your self.

Affirmation for today:

“Today I will do one small deed to improve my financial situation.”

“I allow myself solvency.”

Get “A Currency of Hope“, the basic text of Debtors Anonymous.

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