Steady Progress With Step 10

"I experienced timelessness on this vacation. Now that I am back, I feel more clear and energized than ever."

Thought for today:

Having taken Steps 4 through 9, we have learned a lot about ourselves.  We have identified our main character defects, and sought to heal them.

Periodically, we will benefit from checking our motives as we continue to work the DA program.  DA Step 10 combines Steps 4 through 9 into one digestible idea that we can take with us any time of day, and in all circumstances.

Step 10, taken helps us see how we fit in with the world.  With it, we begin to recognize that taking a moral inventory, surrendering character defects, and seeking to change our behavior is a single, recurring process that benefits our solvency.

DA Step 10: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Members share:

“It’s not a punishment to come to DA.  It’s a gift.”

“There is more than just working. I realize I need to take care of myself.”

“The program has given me abundance, but there is still much to learn. There was damage done to my finances and my emotions, and denial can still be a challenge.  I need DA more today than ever.”

“I have no debt today, but I need to continue doing my inventory and working on my gratitude.  The disease doesn’t go away, it is simply arrested.  It’s ‘a daily reprieve’, and I need to work on my spiritual condition every day.'”

Kinds of inventories:

There are several areas we can focus on for a spot check inventory.

  • In our Emotional Inventory we look at our integrity and try to be balanced about how we are behaving.  We size up our emotional state.  Are emotions causing us pain or anxiety?  Are we jealous or judgmental of others?  Have we been in the wrong, and are we admitting it?
  • In our Financial Inventory, we ask ourselves if we are have pressure meetings when we need them?  Do we have a Spending Plan and an Action Plan?  Are we doing what we intended?  Are we underearners, living in deprivation?

Always, we try to keep our expectations in line with reality, accepting who we are, and what we need to survive.  As we continue taking this Step to the best of our ability, we can become better people.

We will want to take this Step for as long as we want to stay solvent.  Step 10 becomes automatic when we work it regularly.


Am I using Step 10?

Meditation for today:

Like the pilot of an aircraft who manages the course after checking navigation controls, we can use Step 10 to check our course and take corrective action.

Affirmation for today:

“As I let go of my defects of character, I become more free.”

Recommended Reading:

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