Taking Time To Process Life Using the Traditions of DA


Thought for today:

Life is often chaotic.  We can suddenly discover that the people around us have changed and seem distant.

The trajectory of life isn’t neat.  Sometimes it’s not time for the thing we want to happen.  Chaos happens instead.  Sometimes we need to change plans and manage the chaos around us.

If we are willing to let go of who we are, we can embrace the new person we find we need to become.  It doesn’t matter what others think.  What’s important is healing.

The Twelve Traditions can not only help us on the DA group level, they can help us with any group situation that is troubling us.

A member shares:

“When I started my family, I expected to ‘break the chains of addiction’.  I lived in a fantasy.  As long as I could control their surroundings, I was fine.  I worked two jobs, and was an involved parent.

“That child with the bright future suddenly became an addict, and needed rehab instead of college like we had planned.   I took them to outpatient treatment, and thus began  ten years of a life on hold – unemployable, unmotivated, nasty.  I sometimes can recognize the child I knew, but most of the time their choices break my heart into pieces.

“I don’t have any answers, except that I try to work the Twelve Traditions in my family, especially the First Tradition: Our common welfare comes first.  If there is abusive behavior, I don’t tolerate it.

“I keep sharing in meetings, seek how to love them without doing everything for them, and I live my life.  To me, that’s the Second Tradition, where my loving Higher Power finds expression in our family consciousness.   I spend my time considering what is the loving thing to do, and trying to do that.  Mostly it’s letting go of what is beyond my control.  But I always communicate and try to choose love.

“If my child is to stay in my house, the only need is to stop using (my version of Tradition Three).

“Sometimes my Higher Power gives me a measure of grace during which I can tap a vein of love between me and my child, and that is heaven…

“It’s important for me to not live life in denial, not blame myself, and to not make my life about them.”

“Higher Powered” time for others:

Remember the song “I made it through the rain”?  Sometimes suffering leads to healing.  Sometimes we need to know when to allow what seem like trivial distractions to see powerful truth.

Our Higher Power is the co-operation between us and those nearest to us.  As we work the Traditions, we find a new cohesiveness that is not perfect, but is the perfect expression of our love.

Ask :

  • Am I spending quality time with the people who matter to me?
  • Do I really listen to what they have to say?  Do I make every effort to understand where they are coming from, what they’re thinking is?
  • Do I live under the illusion that I am alone in this universe?
  • Am I obsessed with the behavior of others, or am I living my life?

Meditation for today:

“Time is like a flowing river.  No water passes beneath your feet twice.  Moments never pass by again.  Cherish every moment that life gives.”  (Suresh Pireddi)

Affirmations for today:

“Today, I realize my power.”

“Today, I escape from being victimized.”

“Today, I love.”

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