The Biggest Sign Of Being a Compulsive Shopper, and a Surprising Antidote

Plenty of Time, Money, and Love

Thought for today:

As holidays approach and family gift giving is on the agenda, we pause to think about compulsive shopping.

DA Sign 4 of being a compulsive debtor:

Compulsive shopping: Being unable to pass up a “good deal”; making impulsive purchases; leaving price tags on clothes so they can be returned; not using items you’ve purchased.

DA Tool 9 – Awareness:

We maintain awareness of the danger of compulsive debt by taking note of bank, loan company, and credit card advertising and their effects on us. We also remain aware of our personal finances in order to avoid vagueness, which can lead to compulsive debting or spending.

A member shares:

“Before DA, I always spent more than I had.  Every time a store offered me a 10% discount to open a charge account, I did it. Subsequently, I had a maxed out dozen cards, with some in collections and the rest heading there.

“DA showed me how compulsive shopping was part of my addiction to compulsive debting.  I saw that I had a peculiar twist of mind when it came to money.  Even with a college degree in computer science, I was clueless about how to manage my finances.  The emotions around money were that strong.

“I made meetings and found hope with others who had been through the same feelings.  We shared stories with each other to stay aware of the effects of advertising.

“This simple technique of awareness helped me overcome the obsession to shop.  I latched on to the fellowship and have stayed ever since.”

From vagueness to awareness

We needed to maintain vigilance with our debting.  When the temptation arose to compulsively shop or debt, we took notice of where the thought originated.  Had a commercial or billboard gotten our subconscious attention?  Had we secretly wanted to be vague for a while?  The answers showed us where to redouble our vigilance.


Am I vigilant with this disease of compulsive shopping, debting and under earning?

Meditation for today:

The plan for our lives is up to us.  If we just go with the flow all the time, then we usually  drift into dangerous waters.  Any current that comes along will pull us in.

Better to think actively about where we want to be.  We can think about the direction we are heading.  We can rationally decide when to go and when to stay in still waters.

Affirmation for today:

“Just for this day, I will refrain from comparing myself to others.  I will honor my own unique gifts and experiences.”*

*From “Just for This Day“,  DA literature P-129.

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