The Importance Of a Prudent Reserve

Thought for today:

Sometimes when times get tough and our reserve funds take a hit, we can wind up getting stuck in fear.  We’ll isolate from those closest to us, the very ones who need to know what’s going on.

It’s important to be honest with ourselves and with others affected.  Getting to a place of honesty is sometimes a process of letting go.

A member shares:

“I was afraid of being close to the edge with my money recently.  I didn’t want to break my solvency track record.

“My spouse and I had used our reserve for car repairs, a computer replacement, and our son, who had to move into a new apartment because of bed bugs and needed a security deposit gift from us.

“Down to our last $900, I got a $850 car repair bill. So I had to tell my spouse that our  ‘prudent reserve’ was gone.  ‘When the buffer is slim, fear sets in,’ and I dreaded breaking the news.

“Honesty helped ease the pressure, though.  It’s uncomfortable to admit when things are getting close to the edge, but talking things out with my spouse helped put things back into perspective.

“It’s so important to find ways to once again trust the spiritual process with our money.  We put our heads together and came up with an emergency spending plan that got us through tough times.”


Do I trust that the DA program and my Higher Power will give me all I need in due time?

Meditation for today:

Fear can motivate us to action.  We change as we recognize the need to change.  We must always remember that we are more than our bank balances.

Affirmations for today:

“I am more than my bank balance.”

“I have the cash I need when I need it.  I have the time I need as I claim it.  I have all the love I need when I least expect it.”

“I have calm, thoughtful, expenditures, and timeless love.”

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