When Is A Second Job Worth It?

Thought for today:

There are times when we need to take on extra work to increase our income and make a workable Spending Plan.  After some time in recovery from compulsive debting, and after getting a prudent reserve, we can consider letting go of the extra work.  When the time is right,we can let go of the extra work.

A member shares:

“During my first Pressure Relief Meeting (PRM) it became obvious that I was a chronic underearner. I had a habit of self-deprivation, which is a character defect.  To begin to change, I took an extra part-time job, using the extra money to treat myself to entertainment, personal grooming, much-needed clothing, etc.

“After a while, my finances started to improve.  I got a great raise at my full-time job.  Still, I kept that second job as a cushion, for the little extras.

“The second job became second nature – a habit, for years.   I eventually got tired and less satisfied with the work.  I had to ask myself: “Was it worth the time and effort to keep the extra job if I wasn’t happy?

“I felt I needed a change.  What if I quit that second job, or cut back on hours, I thought.  Doing that would give me one day of rest each week, something I hadn’t had in years.  I decided to cut back the second job.

“It felt strange at first to have the extra time and it took getting used to, but my quality of life slowly improved.  First, it allowed me to having precious, timeless moments of down time, where I didn’t have to watch the clock – something I had forgotten how to do.

“Second, since I could “unplug” for a while each week, I eventually became more productive on my full-time job.  I wasn’t feeling like I was on a treadmill of perpetual work.

“Finally, having the extra time allowed me to recharge my spiritual life and my program.”

Suggested questions to ask yourself when taking on a second job:

  • Do I have the time to do the work?
  • Do I need the money and is the money worth the time it would take?
  • Have I asked for a raise on my first job?
  • Will my quality of life be negatively affected by taking on the work?

When to consider letting go of a second job:

  • If you can’t sleep well any more from being wound up.
  • If you start to resent the work.
  • If you feel there is no real benefit any more – the extra money isn’t worth the stress.
  • If other obligations come up that need your attention.


Do I allow time to enjoy life?

Meditation for today:

The principle of integrity is a universal truth that requires honesty.  A person cannot fake integrity, live dishonestly, and still remain effective.

Affirmation for today:

“I allow myself time to enjoy the empty spaces.”

“I make good use of my down time, to rejuvenate.”

“I am a capable employee.”

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