9 Ways to Unleash Our Spiritual Timing

Simple is beautiful

Thought for today:

Time can be our friend.  It takes time to grow plants, people, relationships.

Time can also be our enemy if we suffer from time clutter addiction.  The adrenaline rush of “busyaholism,” overdoing, perfectionism, over-achieving, and information overload.

Clutterers Anonymous (CLA) has a pamphlet about Spiritual Timing to help.

A personal share:

“I discovered the CLA pamphlet on Spiritual Timing and was immediately blown away by the wisdom it contained.


It’s not about poor time management skills.  It’s about aligning our will with our Higher Power’s spiritual time.  The Spiritual Timing leaflet goes into these 9 methods to align our time, in much more depth than these highlights can convey:

  1. Getting quality rest.
  2. Being available to our Higher Power’s inspiration.
  3. Doing all tasks mindfully.
  4. Simplifying our lifestyle, our homes, our agendas.
  5. Decelerating to take time to let events register.
  6. Being selective about any new commitment.
  7. Staying to receptive to the ways we connect with  our Higher Power and the universe around us.
  8. Processing our emerging emotions and awareness as they arise during our practice of these methods.
  9. Recognizing our recollections and using them to plan and meet our visions.

Meditation for today:

We connect psychically with each other in ways science has yet to realize.   There are many theories, and much more to be revealed.

For instance, our consciousness is more than the atoms in our bodies; it is how they interoperate with this  universe at large.  over the course of time, we are already “wired” to understand intuitively, connect with other minds, in the vibrant network of life.

Affirmations for today:

“Today I will honor my time.  I will keep or reschedule appointments as needed, taking care of my needs and the needs of my job.

“I will also schedule a quiet half hour alone to put my life in perspective.  During this time I will carefully consider each of my commitments, and decide whether they bring joy into my life.  If they do not, I will ask my Higher Power for guidance about letting go of these burdens.  In this way, I will become a better version of myself.”

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