Am I Living My Vision Or Someone Else’s?

Thought for today:

Determination and will power are qualities worth drawing on sometimes, but not always.   At work, they can help us accomplish goals, solve problems and meet deadlines.  But will power can also lead us away from better choices.

What we see as reality today may be obscured by old character defects such as self-centered fear and pride.  If that’s the case, determination and will power will prolong our self-deception, and that’s never good.  Determination needs the right goal or Vision.

A member shared about it one day:

“I remember being laid off and thinking that my home was my only asset, one that I had better hold on to it for dear life.  I felt like I’d be a failure if I didn’t have it.  No way I was doing that.

“But life had other plans, and the economic pressure to get out became very strong.  We had taken on a lot of secured debt to put in an accessory apartment, but tenants came and went, and the place lay vacant for extended times.  The monthly equity loan bills didn’t stop, though.

“My wife kept saying ‘maybe the house is too much for us to handle’.  Each time she said that, it was like I was taking another dent in my pride.

“But the bills added up to a point that I couldn’t deny them.  Selling, it was obvious, was the best choice for us.  We eventually sold the house, paid some debts with the equity we had, and then rented.

“Today I have a great job and I love renting.  I’m within walking distance of dozens of stores.  And my spending plan is much more realistic.

“I have a new sense of abundance, one that I once thought was beyond my reach.  The way I got it was to get rid of my determination toward limited, fear-based goals, and to consider what’s best for me and my family with an open mind.”

Whose reality is it anyway?

Our goals should be our goals.  Sometimes we hold on to a perception of reality that is not our own.

Today we can make choices that take care of our needs.  Not everyone is meant for home or car ownership.

Visions are personal, not cookie-cutter.  One person’s vision will be to own a home, another’s will be to tour the world on a cruise ship.

When we put our needs first, life takes on a new dimension.  Our priorities shift and our perspective becomes Higher Powered.


Am I being honest with myself about what I need to be happy?

Meditation for today:

Everyone has the capacity to hold on or let go.  The choice is each person’s.

Whatever you choose to let go of will tend to leave for a time. Let go of pride, laziness, anger, jealousy and greed.

Whatever you choose to hold on to will tend to stay for a time.  Hold on to love, peace, prosperous thoughts, good friends.

The time to let go of isolation and choose love is now!  Do not let anything get in the way of loving relationships.

Affirmation for today:

“I am prosperous.”

“I am seeing through my Higher Powered lens.”

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