An End to Isolation

Thought for today:

Debting is a lonely place.  Pride and fear kept us isolated from others.  Overworking at multiple jobs to pay our creditors and make ends meet, the ends never did meet, and we sulk.  We feel we never make enough money and we resent those who seem to have enough.

When we spent with credit cards on clothes, accessories, spa treatments, vacations – plastic ruled the day, until the bill came in the mail.   Then we hid in shame.

Running from our feelings and from reality, we retreated into the fantasy that everything revolves around money, around possessing ‘stuff’.

We needed to accept that we had a problem with debt, and we needed to reach out to others who had the same problems and had found answers.

A member shares:

“My spending was a kind of high.  Hours would go by, and when my spree was over, I always felt ashamed of myself.  How could I be so stupid?

“My sponsor told me that compulsive debting was a disease, and she told me to call or text her before and after shopping.  When we bookend, I commit to  exactly the thing I am looking for in the store, and the approximate dollar amount I am looking for.

“I talk with my sponsor whenever I’m in doubt about a purchase or when I have a difficult money decision to make.   Either I text or call her with questions.  It’s one way I turn my life and will over to the fellowship of DA.

“She taught me humility by example, and she walked me through the Steps.  Ever since I took Step Seven I try to pass on the same kindness that she gave me, even in internet meetings.  I feel very connected with the fellowship as a result.”

Step Seven:

“Humbly asked [our Higher Power] to remove our shortcomings.”

DA Tool Seven:

The Telephone and the Internet.

“We maintain frequent contact with other D.A. members by using the telephone, email, and other forms of communication. We make a point of talking to other D.A. members before and after taking difficult steps in our recovery.”


Am I giving back what was so freely given to me?

Meditation for today:

You are not alone.  You are spiritually connected with everyone else around you.  When you reach out to find answers, the answers will come.

Solutions may not appear exactly when and as you expect, but love always finds a way to overcome obstacles.

Affirmation for today:

“My worst day solvent is still better than my best day actively debting.”

“I accept my imperfections.”

“I love myself.”

A Currency of Hope: The basic text of Debtors Anonymous.

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