Creating Wealth

Thought for today:

There is no magic spell to increase your income. It takes creativity, focus, hard work, passion and discipline to create wealth, or anything of value.

Creativity means trusting your instincts enough to test them out in the laboratory of life.  It means choosing where to focus your effort between competing interests.

Many alternatives “could” pay off, but only if you decide to do one of them.  We don’t have to do it perfectly, just consistently.

A member shares:

“I guess I’m lucky.  Once I came to DA, I learned pretty quickly that discouragement is part of the process of discovery.  I sell for a living, and I know that each “No” gets me closer to the next “yes”.  In the same way, trial and error gets me closer to my goals.

“I also know that I need to leave room for my Higher Power to work in my life.  Many times, I’ve received what I would call ‘good fortune’ when I least expected it.  When I looked back on it, I could see a spiritual part.

“Usually, success involves me claiming a vision of the future that I feel is important, and putting all my energy into it.  Then I wait for the universe to share its response.  It’s like reasoning with the world.”


It’s simpler to “grow where you’re planted.”  That usually means to put our energy into areas close to what we are doing now, things we know best, relying on our strongest talents.


“Do I take discouragement as part of the process of getting better at something?  How focused am I when it comes to my life-goals?”

Meditation for today:

Create a simple, sacred space in your home and in your schedule.  Make this the place to let your dreams and visions grow.  Like a garden, if you tend to your visions for a few minutes daily, they become lush with foliage.

A wise teacher allows school-aged children to daydream and innovate sometimes. Take ten minutes a day to journal and expand on your vision, or to study and then decide on a course of action.  Inspiration will bring you closer to your vision.

Affirmation for today:

“I rely on inspiration today.”

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