How to Be Mindful About Money

Thought for today:

We need to find a source of strength to help us get through money situations.  If we can find a Higher Power, we find new awareness and perspective about compulsive debting, overspending and underearning.

A member shares:

“Money is the reason I came to DA.  I couldn’t handle it without anxiety.  Even just holding cash made me panic, and I became ashamed that my spending was so chaotic.

“On the advice of my sponsor, I began using the principles of DA to get emotionally grounded, starting with daily lists of every penny I spent, to help me get mindful about my money habits.

“Eventually I found a Higher Power and focused on seeking HP’s will.   I began to see that humility was a path to serenity.  I still have free will, so it’s a daily decision to include HP in my day.

“When I don’t feel like it, that’s when I need to do it most.  Rebellious feelings are my cue that I need to redouble my efforts in working my program.

“When I invite my Higher Power into every situation, especially when shopping, I am much more mindful, and I make better decisions.”


Am I including my Higher Power when I deal with money?

Meditation for today:

Use the concept of a “Higher Power” to find healing.  All that we need to do is find a strength beyond our own, and to surrender to its force.  This will bring relief from suffering.

Affirmation for today:

“I will seek a Higher Power’s wish for my life, and for the power to carry out my part.”

“I will bring my Higher Power with me everywhere.”

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