How Our Abundant Universe Gives Us Our Visions

Plenty of time, money and love

Thought for today:

Many people think their dreams and hopes are impractical, or not worthy of their mental time.  Throughout the day, all kinds of thoughts, some audacious, come and go quickly without much action or notice, because by habit we tend to dismiss anything that is unusual for us.  But what if we toyed with these ideas occasionally instead?

If we allow ourselves to explore our vision for the future, cutting out images from magazines of things we’d like to have, or writing our affirmations, we are honoring our Higher Power’s inspiration. Freeing our imaginations, we let our Higher Power work through us.

We look at these images and affirmations from time to time (they may seem silly, but that’s ok) to let our hearts and minds cooperate with the universe to make our visions become reality.  In startling ways, our dream arrives, and when it does, we need to give thanks.

A personal share:

“My vision boards started with material things – a new phone, clothes, a vacation. All of these started to come true as I set them in my heart and mind, and my visions grew larger with each success – a car, getting through a difficult course, finishing a tough project at work.

“After a while, my visions were about feelings – being a channel of more love, more kindness, more truth; finding ways to find spiritual fulfillment like starting a yoga class, losing weight, being content, being myself, and having a minimalist approach to my life.

“My visions helped me build a life of abundance from the ground up, starting with the material, and leading to ongoing enlightenment.”

When the universe listens to our visions…

When the universe takes notice of our vision, and our world changes, and it is only natural to say “thank you”, because it’s not simply about the material blessing. It’s about honoring the inspiration that gave us the vision. Visions come to us, but we grow into them.

Do I respect my visions as divinely inspired, and worth honoring?

Meditation for today:

We humans have always evolved along spiritual lines, and as we grow, we find new opportunities for abundant living where we never thought they could exist.

Affirmation for today:

“Today my vision will inspire me, and I be unafraid.”

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If you read this far, just one more thing…

Did you notice the picture on this post?  It was a vision board 2 years ago, with goals for this blog.  A lot has come true since then, and there is room for growth.  Look for the “State of the blog” message coming soon, for our future goals.  Stay tuned!

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