How the Moral Inventory in Step 4 Is a Bridge to Prosperity

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Thought for today:

When we have worked through the process of finding a Higher Power of our understanding, we have made great progress.  With the help of this Power, we will find the strength to look inside ourselves.

We will look closely at what motivates us, and be willing to work through any denial.  We become willing to see ourselves as we truly are.

Finding a way to go through this important process of self-discovery is important.  Humility is the solution here, and as we learn the process of personal moral inventory, we find it.

A member shares:

“I had so much anger when I first came in to DA that my sponsor had me start my inventory with a resentment list.

“For every resentment, I wrote down what I thought caused it.  This was a scary process, but I was desperate to find some peace at any cost.

“I found out that my anger was a secondary feeling.  The root of my anger was fear.

As I sifted through my resentments I realized how frightened I was of being humiliated and judged.  I discovered I was almost entirely motivated by fear of losing my social standing, my family, and my job.

“It was humbling to learn that I was so afraid.  But having finally taken this important Step, I have found new insights that are bringing me peace.”

DA Step 4:

Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

Looking in to find out:

In DA, we become secure enough to look at our motives, no matter what we find there.  We learn to identify fear and trust the process of self-discovery.

We become stronger than ever before.  We feel  a new intuition, a force for goodness within and around us that we can rely on.

Self-awareness leads to growth, and we begin to find new insights and dreams to blend into our Action Plan.  In this way, the program of DA leads to material prosperity.


What is motivating me today?

Meditation for today:

When we write down our impressions of interactions with others, it can be like a bridge that takes us to another place where we can see ourselves objectively.   We find new perspective and deepen our understanding of not only our relationships  with people, but with money, emotions, and our own intellectual development.  We find there are no limits to what we can do to improve our lives.

The Twelve Tools of DA are the bridge that helps us with the mechanics of a success we may have never known.  The Twelve Steps of DA help us bridge our emotions, our thoughts and our sanity.  When we allow discipline to come into our DA program, we prosper.

Affirmation for today:

“Today I will seek humility to see what real motivations are.”

Recommended reading: 

DA’s Eighth Tool is D.A. and A.A. Literature: “We study the literature of Debtors Anonymous and of Alcoholics Anonymous to strengthen our understanding of compulsive disease and of recovery from compulsive debting.”

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

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