How to Get From Negative Net-Worth to Positive Self-Worth in D.A.

How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously

Thought for today:

Our creditors are just doing their jobs when they call us for money.  Whether we feel they are rude or nice to us, it is really just business to them.  They want to make their numbers for the month.

In preparing to talk with creditors, we need to work our program of recovery one day at a time, however humbly.  We need to exchange our pride for a new kind of freedom from the disease of compulsive debting.

We may even talk about our recovery with those we owe money to, as well as with those who still suffer.  Each is a kind of Twelfth Step work.

DA Step 12:

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to compulsive debtors, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

A member shares:

One member settled their last credit card debt at the end of the year.  They had faithfully chipped away at the amount over five years of steady DA recovery.  It wasn’t easy.  They reflected on how manageable the program of recovery is once they surrendered pride and trusted the process:

“After months of making the payments I could afford, the bank eventually charged off the loan (reselling it to an outside agency).   The impact of this on my credit score terrified me, and what the new company would do to me.  But I stuck to the spending plan I had worked out with my pressure relief group and pressed on, knowing that it was the best thing for everyone concerned.

“The day after the charge-off, I noticed something unexpected: The world kept revolving.  I got up, made breakfast, and went to work.  No one in my office looked at me differently.  I shared at my meeting that nothing in my life changed, other than an arbitrary score in some database.  ‘The number’, once so powerful,had become just another part of my recovery, one that I honestly owned up to.  I learned to hold my head high again.  I came to realize that I am more than a number.

“I shared with the new creditor about the DA program of recovery.  I was able to tell them what I could afford to pay, and they accepted it after some attempts to get me to settle.  I wound up with a plan I could afford.

“Today I have a negative net-worth, but I also have positive self-worth, and that is the key to happiness .  My  plan for recovery puts my needs, and the needs of my family, first – and that is priceless!

“As a bonus for participating in my life, the charge-off gave me a 0% interest rate going forward, which made the debt even more manageable.”

Why carry the message?

Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of taking all Twelve Steps, we are free today.  We no longer fear the truth about our debts.  We can accept our financial situation and live well in spite of debts.

We can share with everyone who suffers – and even with our creditors.  Together, we are no longer defined by how much we owe.  We find a new set of values, based on the virtues of integrity, honesty, clarity, and love.


As this year comes to an end, am I mindful of where I came from?  Have I  accepted where my recovery is at today?  Am I allowing our Higher Power to work miracles by letting go of yesterday and tomorrow, and living this day?

Meditation for today:

We can ask our Higher Power to make us grateful today, and in the year ahead.  As we go forth, we find strength when we share this gratitude with those who need to hear it.

Affirmation for today:

As a result of DA, I have the precious gift of self-worth which enables me to honor and trust myself.

Recommended Reading: 

How to Get Out Of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously”, by Jerrold Mundis, is a comprehensive guide to getting “Back to the Black”, using the concepts of debtors anonymous.  Many have benefited from Jerrold’s thoughtful encouragement, especially in dealing with creditors, increasing income and reversing under earning.

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