“My debts are making my home life unhappy”

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God

Thought for today:

Compulsive debting doesn’t just affect us, it affects our family too.   Many of us spent in excess on unnecessary items, with little left for family needs.

Debting is a family disease.  That’s why the first question to ask ourselves when we consider whether we are a debtor is “Are your debts making your home life unhappy?”

Question 1: Are your debts making your home life unhappy?

Members shares:

“I spent compulsively and mindlessly on Summer vacation.  Then September came, and I realized I didn’t have enough money for school supplies.  The kids will be starting without the books they need.”

“My spouse and I argue all the time about which bills to pay.  My spouse thinks I shouldn’t pay my creditors first, that I should take care of classes for the kids.  This causes a lot of stress in our marriage.”

“I’m unemployed, going back to school, and living on noodles again.  Without two incomes, creditor calls are driving a wedge between us.”

Solutions in DA:

Debting has a way of closing off solutions from view.  We need the fellowship of debtors to help us see beyond our dysfunctional spending.

Over time, we become open to trying new things.


Am I open to trying new things?

Meditation for today:

We need to separate ourselves from our problems sometimes.  When we do this, we start to see solutions.  Go back to nature or some peaceful place, and contemplate the path that makes sense.  Nature has a way of rejuvenating the soul.

Affirmations for today:

“I put the needs of my family above those of my creditors.”

“I am consistent with money, building trust in those around me.”

“I am growing along spiritual lines with my money.”

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