Powerless Over Debt

Thought for today:

If nothing changes, nothing changes.  If we don’t find a way to let go of debting once and for all, we know it will return.  But how do we really change?

A member shares:

“I am a debt addict.  I have an allergy like the one they talk about int he Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous.  If I try just a little debt, I will go back out again big time.

“I’m here in DA because once a compulsive debtor, there is no turning back into a normal spender.  Without DA meetings, I will debt again.  And for me, to debt is to self-destruct.

“I need to work the Steps and the Tools every day.  And when I do, I find a life beyond my wildest dreams!”

DA Step 1:

We admitted we were powerless over debt, that our lives had become unmanageable.

Admitting powerlessness can lead to power:

When we admit powerlessness over debt, the paradox is that we find power.  The idea that we are like normal people, or presently may become like them again, has to be smashed.

Now that we are on the road to recovery from compulsive debting, we need to keep moving forward.  If we are not walking away from debt, we are walking toward it.  Such is the nature of this disease.

So every day we track our numbers, adjust our Spending Plan, work at our Action Plan.  We find power by surrendering to the program of DA.


Am I surrendering my pride and working the program?

Meditation for today:

They say there are three poverties:  financial, emotional and intellectual.  In one place, we find many opportunities to find abundance in these three areas.

The Twelve Tools of DA help us recover our finances.  The Twelve Steps of DA help us recover our emotions and our intellect – our sanity.

We can seek to learn more about ourselves and how we fit in to the world by deepening our understanding of our poverties.  We can find new abundance in DA.

Affirmation for today:

“I will ask for help when I need it.”

Recommended reading: 

DA’s Eighth Tool is D.A. and A.A. Literature: “We study the literature of Debtors Anonymous and of Alcoholics Anonymous to strengthen our understanding of compulsive disease and of recovery from compulsive debting.”

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

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