“Service”, the Spirit of Tradition Eight

Thought for today:

DA helps compulsive debtors get better.  It does this when members help other members.

DA also has service workers, who take care of administrative and legal requirements of operating a Non-Profit Organization.

A member shares:

“In DA, we have a clear division of labor.  Members share their experience, strength and hope.  We share our numbers with our Pressure Relief Groups.  We develop a Spending Plan and an Action Plan. This is the work of staying solvent and passing along the message of DA in Twelfth Step work.  My chances of maintaining recovery improve if I help another member stay solvent.

“On the other hand,  our General Service Board (GSB) needs to employ some hired staff to do certain administrative and other work that indirectly enable this Twelfth Step work to take place.  They work alongside members, helping with legal and general office work, answering the mail, providing information to new groups just getting started, sending out literature, and many other services.  This work is too much for members alone to handle, and having these service workers enables the DA members who work for the General Service Office (GSO) to focus on their Twelfth Step work.”

Focusing on what we do best:

No one can help a debtor like another debtor.  Members don’t throw money at a problem, or lecture people to try to help them.  They share their experience, strength and hope.  They share the Tools of the program.

Members know what being a suffering debtor feels like, and have found a way out.  They hep newcomers start tracking their numbers, practicing the principles of the Twelve Steps to the best of their ability, and helping others find the way out of their misery.

This is all done voluntarily.  There are no dues or fees (see Tradition Seven).  There is no “service agreement” for a new comer to sign.  They just show up and ask for help, and help is freely given.

Service workers who manage DA’s General Service Office help make this work possible.  They earn the going wage for their service. The work they do supports but does not replace the member-to-member work of recovery from compulsive debting.  Sales of DA literature, and group donations help pay for these service workers (see Tradition Seven).

Tradition 8.

Debtors Anonymous should remain forever non-professional, but our service centers may employ special workers.”


Am I aware of the service of the many people behind the scenes who enable DA work to happen?  Am I uncovering gifts in myself and others, so I can grow my vision for the future?

Meditation for today:

The world works best when we each focus on where we can give the most value – at work, at home and at meetings.  When we consider the talents we have, especially the ones we love to practice, and look for opportunities to delegate the rest, we find room for service, productivity, fulfillment, enjoyment, and our self-esteem shines.

Affirmation for today:

“I have valuable skills and talents and I use them wisely.”

“I delegate the things I can, to people who need the work that I need help with.”

A Currency of Hope is the basic text of Debtors Anonymous:

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