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Thought for today:

If we are underearners, we can’t harbor jealousy of people who seem to have more than us.  It can lead to anger and resentment, and we’ll seek to place blame.  If we can avoid it, we’ll find answers that fear kept hidden…

A member shares:

“My spending habits were out of control.  I had a warped attitude around money.  I felt jealous of other people’s success. I was full of excuses why my life didn’t “measure up” to some standard I had set for myself.

“Working this program, it was hard to accept that my misery was the result of all the decisions I had made up to that moment.  Denying reality, I didn’t want to accept responsibility for my situation.

“Thankfully, the ‘disease concept’ helped me understand how my debting had gotten so uncontrollable.

“Time’s passed since then, and the wounds are healing.  I have good habits now, lie tracking my numbers automatically without even thinking about it.

Healing and gratitude:

The program of recovery from compulsive debting works.  Doing the Twelve Steps, we find hope.  Eventually we reap financial and emotional rewards from this program, and we can actually have gratitude for having found a way of life that is quite satisfying.


“Do I admit that there are rewards in solvency beyond mere financial rewards?”

Meditation for today:

At any moment we can choose a new direction and start a new trend in our lives.  We can find spiritual growth.

Affirmation for today:

“I will release any regrets I’m still harboring, and start this day with ‘possibility thinking’.”

“I have the peace of mind to detach from unproductive thinking.”

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