Creative Vacationing Ideas

Thought for today:

This post is about getting away, but it’s not about particular destinations.  (There are plenty of articles about those things.)  It’s about deciding to get away, and not spending a fortune to get there.

Vacations, for those of us addicted to overwork and/or underearning, can get overlooked or avoided.  But this can change.

The spectrum of distorted thinking runs from “anorexic” (never vacationing) to “splurge-beyond-our-means”.  Some of us actually lose vacation days on the job for fear of taking off.

Members share:

 “What would happen to my job/business if I took off?”

“I can’t afford to take off.  (If I was honest with myself I’d admit I’m a slave to my job.”

“I don’t have anyone to go with.”

“I have no idea how to take off.”

“My family never took off.  It feels like I’d be breaking some strange tradition.”

“I have no money for a vacation.”

“I’m scared I’m going to overspend.”

Creative Vacationing

“Unplugging” during a vacation actually makes you much more productive and profitable when you return to work.  Getting away, forces you think of basic things in a different way – unfamiliar surroundings in a friendly environment are both stimulating and relaxing at the same time.  An “adventure vacation” can actually influence us to become more creative.

Ideas for making vacations inexpensive include:

  • Visiting family or friends is a way to catch up.  Kids can enjoy visiting relatives.
  • and can keep it inexpensive.  With AirBnB we can even make money while vacationing by renting out our home.
  • Checking in on elderly relatives can serve a dual purpose.
  • Camping at a park is relaxing and inexpensive.
  • We can get around by car using service.

We can delegate work if we plan for it.  

  • If we work for someone, we can give them plenty of time to plan coverage.  We can document any processes.  This can actually help our employer appreciate what we do for them when we are at work.
  • If we own our own business, it’s good practice to cultivate an employee to leave in charge while we are gone.  It lets them practice their leadership skills.  We leave clear instructions in writing, with a phone number for escalating an issue to us.


Have I planned for some “down time”?

Meditation for today:

No one is indispensable.  If we can delegate and/or automate what we do, we exponentially improve quality of life and standard of living.  Sharing control is freeing.  Planning a line of succession is a sign of love.

Affirmation for today:

“I will let go of control wherever it makes sense to delegate.”

“Today I will tap into the’ life force’ of the universe.”

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