Why Is Pride A “Defect of Character”?

Thought for today:

When a person first attends a DA meeting, they may hear the concept in studying the Twelve Steps that Pride is a defect of character.  How can Pride be a that?

A newcomer asks:

“How can Pride be bad?  Isn’t it a good thing – pride of country, being proud of my accomplishments, being proud of my children?

“Of course, I’ve had my share of ‘sins’, and I can see how Anger, Lust, Envy, Laziness, Greed and Gluttony are sins, because they tear people down.  But Pride builds you up, right?

Another member responds:

“Appreciating your children, loving your country and valuing your accomplishments are not defects of character.”

“Maybe the term ‘Pride’ is confusing you.  Call it haughtiness, arrogance, character assassination, gossip… These are the selfish attitudes we choose when we mean to puff ourselves up by putting others down.

“The opposite qualities of Appreciation, Gratitude, Humility, Love –  these are all attitudes that set the stage for better things.  Our recovery from compulsive debting, under earning, and over spending depending on this kind of attitude.

“With Love in our hearts, we don’t need to debt, and we are much more likely to stay solvent when we put principles before personalities.”


Have I surrendered my arrogance to my Higher Power‘s care?  Is my attitude contributing to my happiness?

Meditation for today:

We bring peace into the world when we appreciate other people’s success. Our success is much more likely if we keep an “attitude of gratitude” toward all achievements – of nature and of humankind.

Affirmation for today:
“I am not threatened by anything today.  I have all that I need, and my Action Plan has me heading in the perfect direction for my life.”

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