Why Slow Growth Is Good


Thought for today:

If we ever saw our entire life’s transformation all at once – fast forward like a time-lapse movie of a flower blossoming – we would be overwhelmed.  Time serves a purpose.  We need time to learn to trust change.  Time is our friend, and slow growth is sustainable growth.

We can learn to trust the process of letting go and becoming by trying a small vision on for size, trusting that the next stage of our unique path will materialize, and stepping out in that trust.

A member shares:

“I experienced a quick fix with debt once I sold my house and paid off all my credit cards.  I thought I learned my lesson about indebtedness, but within a few years, I was back in unsecured debt worse than ever.

“It doesn’t matter how long I’m away from new unsecured debt.  If I ever entertain the thought that I can debt like other people, I’m screwed.

“Today, I make small progress because I have to, but I have a solid foundation in working the program of recovery from debt.”


Do I trust the transformation I am undergoing? Am I patient, accepting that my new vision is happening at the right pace for me and my needs?

Meditation for today:

If I am honest, the visions I seek need some tuning. Clarifying my goals and visions makes their attainment smoother.  Once I know where I am going, it’s simpler to get there.

Affirmation for today:

A miraculous transformation is coming that will result in abundance.  It will take a little time, but I have plenty of that.

Recommended reading:

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