“3 Ways Step 10 Helps Our Solvency and Serenity”

Looking at ourselves

Thought for today:

Step Ten is a simple tool to help us understand how we are doing, and to identify opportunities to improve our lives.  Our solvency and serenity improve as we make Step Ten a daily habit.

DA Step 10:

10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

A member shares:

“I take Step Ten to help me with my solvency in three different ways depending on the issue:

  • I do a spot check inventory when I have a conflict in my day – like times when I was rude to a creditor.  If I need to make an apology, I will try to call that person as soon as possible and maybe ask to meet with them and clear my side of the street.
  • I do a nightly review of my day as well, before I go to sleep.  I think that clearing the air this way helps my dreams at night.  If I did something particularly good, I make sure to let the gratitude sink in.  If I did something inappropriate, I seek to change the behavior or correct the wrong I did the next day.
  • Occasionally, if I have a recurring problem, I write out a complete inventory.  I will make a list of people I am having an issue with, and look to the root causes of my issues with them.  Usually I find a common thread in all the relationships that I list, which is something i can work on.

“Each type of inventory makes me aware of my motives, my fears, and my solutions.  I get a clear idea of what I need to do to correct things.

“I usually have to admit my fear of losing something I feel is important to me.  Then I work on acceptance, gratitude and humility.

“Sometimes I need to make an apology.   No matter what it is that is causing me discomfort, I always benefit from working Step Ten and promptly making amends.”

Amends as needed:

We also take Step Ten to make amends as soon as we need to, so we stay on track.  Lots of times a small course correction is all that’s needed to resolve things.

It’s important to remember that nobody is perfect, and that we strive for spiritual progress, rather than spiritual perfection.


“How am I doing today?”

Meditation for today:

We need to make time to meditate on our time on this planet.  When it gets to a point where we do not see a clear direction, it is a signal that something needs to be meditated out into the open.  If we ask our Higher Power to point out what we can learn from a situation, we will find new perspective.

Affirmation for today:

“Just for this day, I will face my life with courage.  With the help of DA and my Higher Power, I have what I need to live through whatever this day brings.” *

* From DA’s “Just For This Day” bookmark – literature P-129.

Recommended reading:  

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