4 Proven Ways To Stay Solvent

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Thought for today:

Prosperity doesn’t come from credit cards.  It comes when we increase our earning power, and by the decisions we make that matter most.  We need to make decisions that change our attitude about money, credit, and living within our means…

A personal share:

“I started to feel abundant way before I experienced real financial abundance.  The first thing I noticed when I started dealing with my underearning and overspending in a real way was that I started to get inspired to do things differently – to spend my time looking for new opportunities for enjoyment without overspending, and to take care of my health and home better.

These things gradually let to improved lifestyles and health, which in turn helped change my attitude into one of abundance.  And after a while, financial abundance came into my life in a new way, and I was earning more than ever.  My solvency attracted abundance.”

Four ways to begin a lifetime habit of solvency:

1. Seek help if you are in trouble:

We hear a lot of financial horror stories out there – bankruptcy, collection nightmares, working multiple jobs to pay creditors.  By the time people seek help, it’s usually after the downward spiral of debting has worn away any resistance and left only despair in its place.  If insolvency is a problem check out the fellowship of Debtors Anonymous, Underearners Anonymous,, and/or Financial Underearners Anonymous.

2. Use the Tools (and Steps):

But once a person has learned a few simple Tools and taken Steps toward Solvency, a new optimism often returns.  Solvency, in this sense, means not incurring any unsecured debt, one day at a time.  Where once there was isolation and fear, these people find peace, living within their means, tracking their income and expenses, and living the life they were meant to live.  Seeing that miracle in a person inspires others, and the circle of abundance widens.

3. Opt-Out:

Tired of getting credit card offers in the mail that you have to shred to remove sensitive personally identifiable information?  If you read the fine print (from the more ethical creditors) it will usually include an opt-out statement.  That means that with a simple automated phone call anyone can opt-out of all pre-screened credit card solicitations for the next five years!  No more opening them, checking the rate, wasting time and paper.

You can opt out of credit card solicitations for five years by following these instructions.

You can opt out of credit card solicitations for five years by following these instructions.

4. Change your thinking:

Dramatic changes to our earning patterns and lifestyles start with our thinking, so that has to change. When we write our vision of our future on paper or in montage and connect with that new vision every day, our subconscious really takes over from there.

Our lives will change with each new success, and we will need to adjust to that change in different ways. Often it requires emotional, mental and spiritual overhauls.

For example, if a person goes from earning $25 an hour to $35 an hour as a result of their Vision turning into a new reality for them, their spending and material priorities will likely shift, and it might be tempting to spend the new surplus instead of having a Pressure Meeting about it with our Action Partners.

Growing from the solid foundation of daily solvency makes real abundance a reality over time.  It is a spiritual debt to ourselves that we cannot afford to continue incurring .


“Do I believe that financial solvency will bring real abundance?”

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